Romano x Reader: Fountains Pt 1. LuluMainOnly Sep 9, 2017 10:11PM I like to think their daughter is a Civettictis civetta with big ears. YOU ARE READING. But I’m not blaming either character because I’m taking everything into consideration. Breathe, Okay? (Prince Lotor x Reader) Since people asked, I'm continuing this! But I've decided to write it in a short fic. It's been years since you and Lotor have seen each other, the war was over and you both missed each other like crazy. Peter Maximoff x Reader. I'm new to all this so plz cut me some slackI will occasionally do lemons but I'm not very good I do: Keith x Reader Lance x Reader Shiro x Read. Hot Alien Prince by. Told from Lotor's point of view in first person present tense (and its driving me nuts I'm sure I've used past tense at least once or twice without meaning to and haven't caught it). Pidge x Plus Sized S/O. Short!S/O. Summary: Reader asks Tink to show her her soulmate, it's Pan and she denies, it until something happens after a fight. Matt's hand furiously hits the sides of his face as he thinks of what you would say if he were standing in front of you and not the bathroom mirror. IREQUEST:I’m the answer to your prayers lol, do you think you could do a HC for Lotors general + Lotor having a younger 14-16 year old human galra hybrid girl join who’s like a little sister to them and is just such a cinnamon roll until she fights?. Yes honey can I work for lotor now Mds é o lotor<<